wepay.com ticketing

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Orlando Pub Crawl is happy to announce that we are using wepay.com for The 6th Annual Crazy 80’s Pub Crawl.  This means that you will have a hard ticket to the event.  Be sure to print your ticket and bring it to the first venue of the crawl.  You may be denied entry without your ticket.

wepay.com is a great new service that provides us with a formal ticketing system which is something that we have wanted to accomplish for quite some time.  As a result Orlando Pub Crawl has opted to absorb all sales tax collection for our ticket sales.  In exchange for that you will be asked to pay a nominal service fee to wepay.com as part of your transaction.  Fortunately for you that fee is less than our local tax rate so the result for you is cheaper tickets to the crawl.

We hope you enjoy the new ticketing system and if you have any questions, concerns, or other needs let us know!