Ending with a Bang!

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Hello Orlando Pub Crawlers!

We are coming up on the last three events of 2012 and thought we would take this time to reflect on a year that brought us all new themes, new venues, and all together new fun.

Orlando Pub Crawl brought you some all new theme’s this year right out of the gate with the I love the 90’s Pub Crawl.  Destined to be an annual classic this event was hugely popular, and no I cannot take credit for the idea, Dave mentioned this theme to me years ago and I refused to allow it, I admit now, I was wrong.  Other new themes of 2012 have been popular as well.  The Little Black Dress Pub Crawl was our most popular August event to date.  And, with two brand new themes coming in October and November we look forward to seeing just how much you all will love the October 19th Halloween Pub Crawl and the November 10th Molando.org Mustache Pub Crawl.  Of course, we haven’t forgotten the classic events either with record attendance at The Crazy 80’s Pub Crawl, and The Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl, which was actually on Cinco De Mayo for the first time ever.  We will round up 2012 in our traditional fashion on December 14th on The 12 Bars of Christmas Pub Crawl.

Orlando Pub Crawl introduced you to some new venues this year that have never participated in our events before.  Venue’s like Vain, Stagger Inn, and The Attic.  We look forward to our first event with Mojo Bar and Grill in November as well.

I would be remised to not mention our totally reinvented cruise event with Open Bar Cruise and O’town Happy Hour, the Open Bar Cruise in September.  Over 800 people joined us across 2 different back to back weekend cruises.  It was the greatest cruise none of us remembered!  Be sure not to miss your chance to experience this event coming again in March 2013.

2013 will be a great year for sure, but it has it’s work cut out for it if it is going to surpass 2012 for new events and pub crawl fun and excitement.  We look forward to seeing you all at the next three events and well into 2013!

See ya soon!