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2013 - The 2013 Orlando Winter Beerlympics

Do you have the liver of a champion?

Wall Street Plaza
Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
Competition Begins:


Orlando Pub Crawl and Orlando Sport and Social Club present:

The 2013 Orlando Winter Beerlympics


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Teams Check in at 5:30PM

Games Begin at 6PM

Hundreds of spectators and competitors descend on Wall St. Plaza once a year for the Orlando Winter Beerlympics.  This year will be no different!

All events and rules are subject to change w/o notice!

4 person teams compete for medals, prizes, cash, and the honor of being the next Orlando Winter Beerlympics Champion!


Each team must consist of 4 individual competitors. Coed teams are encouraged but all male and all female teams are allowed as well!


Teams will compete for points in the following events.

  • Flip Cup
  • Beer Pong
  • Quarters

Theme Your Team

Get bonus points for having the best team uniforms! You may even win an automatic bid into the finals!!!


The top 8 teams based on points will compete in a single elimination tournament on the big stage for the Championship Gold!


Each round of the finals is a different event.

  • Round 1: Flip Cup
  • Round 2: Quarters
  • Championship Round: Beer Pong


This event will include:

  • Bottomless Miller Lite drafts during the event
  • Entry into all Wall St. Plaza venues all night
  • Opportunity to win Cash, Miller Lite, OPC, OSSC, Wall St. and other great prizes!!!


Prizes will include $500 cash, and much much more!


$100.00 for a team of 4.

Spectator admission at $20 will be taken at the door the night of the event and will include bottomless Miller Lites during the event and admission to Wall St. Plaza all night.

Advance registration will be required for competitors in this event.

Sign up early before we sell out by clicking here!

Game Rules

Rules are subject to change w/o notice at any time before, during, or after the event

Teams must arrive at 5:30pm to check in prior to announcements and games starting at 6pm. Each competition station will have a sign where you will check in with the Event Team Leader. The Event team leader will then direct you to the table that you will be playing on. Please do not go directly to the tables. This way every team will have an opponent and will keep things running smoothly.

Beer Pong Rules

We realize that there are hundreds of sets of rules for beer pong depending on where you play. An attempt was made to consider all rules known to us and to pick a standard set common to as many people as possible. Although no one set of rules is perfect, the rules outlined below are compatible with most people’s game. We appreciate a location’s “house rules” but we wish to keep a standard set of rules for fairness so that everyone can enjoy the game of beer pong. That being said, here are the rules…

Beer Pong will be played as a 2 on 2 game. Each 4 person team will compete in two beer pong games no player can play in more than one game…thus each of you will play one beer pong match and all players from all teams will compete.

Points are allocated based on winning or losing each game independently of one another. Losing team gets 0 points. Winning team gets 6 points plus 1 point for each of the remaining cups they have on their side of the table.

  1. Drinking: The drinking of beer is completely optional. Please drink responsibly.
  2. Shooting: A team must shoot both balls before the other team shoots and one ball per person. A shot must be overhanded.
  3. Leaning: Leaning is not permitted. There is an “elbow rule” meaning a players elbow cannot cross the edge of the table while shooting. A player may not use the table as leverage with their non-shooting hand.
  4. Bring-backs: When a team hits both of its shots a �bring-back� is awarded. If a cup is knocked over by a shot, this counts toward a bring-back. If a cup is removed for a reason other than a shot, this does not count toward a bring-back.
  5. First Shot: The team who shoots first is decided by coin flip. The team who wins the flip may choose to either a.)first shot or b.) side.
  6. Cups The cups will be of one uniform type for both sides. Cups must be filled with beer (or other liquid) with approximately 4 oz (about 1/3 full).. The game begins with a 6-cup triangle formation, arranged in a pyramid, 3 cups in the back, 2 in the middle row, 1 in the front, all tightly pushed together.
  7. Water Cup Each team has a cup of warm water to dip the ball in, in the event that the ball picks up something unpleasant off of the floor.
  8. Re-racks: Re-rack at 4 cups to create a diamond and 3 cups to create a standard “triangle formation”. Re-racks occur whenever the cups reach 4 and 3 regardless of turn.
  9. Out-of-formation Cups: Cups that are leaning or out of line from the triangle formation will be fixed upon request of either team. Neither team may shoot until the cups are reformed.
  10. Fallen Cups: Cups that fall over so that a.) the rim touches the table, b.) the cup falls off the table to the floor, or c.) the cup tips over such that a majority of its beer spills, either by a legitimate shot or by fault of the player(s), are counted as hit cups. Cups which fall over from other means are returned into play. The final cup is not an exception to this rule. A cup can be caught before it falls and returned into play.
  11. Rebuttals: When a team’s final cup has been hit, each player on that team will have the opportunity to shoot until he/she misses. If the team succeeds in hitting all of his/her opponents remaining cups, the game will go into overtime. A team will have this opportunity regardless of how their cups were hit.
  12. Overtime: Overtime will be three cup triangles on each side. The team who hit the last cup first will go first and will receive both balls. There is no limit to the number of overtimes in a single game.
  13. Hitting Cups: A ball which is shot into a cup is counted regardless of how it gets there. An uncontrolled ball off a shot which goes into a cup is counted. Two consecutive shots in the same cup count as a single shot followed by a wasted shot (does not count as a double-up or game winner). A bounced shot which makes it into a cup only scores that particular cup. Balls that ricochet off of a wall or other permanent manmade structure to not count. Drinks occur right after the shot is made. You can’t shoot back until your drink is finished.
  14. Blowing: There is no blowing or ‘fingering’ allowed.
  15. Game Order: Games will be played in the order specified by the bracket game numbers.
  16. Interference: There is NO BLOCKING, even after a bounce. Balls shot by one player that are touched by the opposing player(s) before the ball passes the edge of the table, are returned to the shooting player as a re-shot. Intentional interference after the first offense results in the forfeit of one cup per interfered shot. The team whose shot was interfered with may choose which cup is removed.
  17. Distraction: A team may do whatever they feel necessary to prevent the opposing team from making shots except: a.) crossing to the other teams side of the table b.) physically interfering with the opposing teams shot or c.) crossing the vertical plane of the table.
  18. Officiating: The people in charge of the tournament have the final say in disputes. Unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with in a case by case basis. Any team with sufficient disregard for the game or the people around them will forfeit their spot in the tournament. If either player is asked to leave the hosting establishment by the staff, the team will forfeit their spot in the tournament.
  19. Equipment: The official table is 7 feet long. The official ping pong ball is a standard 40 mm size. Cups should be plastic, 16 oz. cups

Rules are subject to change w/o notice at any time before, during, or after the event

Team Flip Cup

Relay Race against an opposing team. Each team plays 3 games of Team Flip Cup. Points are allocated based on the team record at the end of 3 Team Flip Cup games.

0 – 3 = 0 points 1 – 2 = 5 points 2 – 1 = 10 points 3 – 0 = 20 points

Players line up on either side of a table. Each player has a cup 1/3 full of beer in front of them sitting on the table.

At the start of the game the first player for each team drinks their cup. When finished they put the cup at the end of the table and try to flip it on its top. Once the first player successfully flips the cup on its top the next player on the team can start drinking their cup and repeat.

You cannot go until your team member finishes his/her drink and flips their cup.

The first team to have all their team members flip their cup wins that game.

IF YOU LIFT YOUR CUP FROM THE TABLE BEFORE YOUR TEAMMATE IS COMPLETELY DONE FLIPPING THEIR CUP IT IS A PARTY FOUL. A Party Foul results in immediate loss of that game and your team is required to finish drinking all remaining cups on the table before competing again.

Team Quarters

Two teams face off for head to head competition in Team Quarters.

Each teammate faces off against one person on the opposing team.

There are 3 cups in the middle of the table and each player has 3 drinking cups filled with a 1/3 filled cup of beer. Both players shoot at the same 3 cups. The goal of the game is to sink the most cups with a quarter.

The game will start with a flip of the coin. The winner of the coin flip will shoot first.

If a player sinks their shot they get to move on to the next cup while the opponent has to drink one of their drink cups. If they miss the opponent gets to shoot. The winner of the game is the competitor who hits the FINAL cup regardless of how many cups they hit prior.

The losing competitor must finish the last cup and the next game is a different competitor from each of the two teams.

Points are allocated based on your teams record after 4 games.

0 – 4 = 0 points 1 – 3 = 5 points 2 – 2 = 10 points 3 – 1 = 15 points 4 – 0 = 25 points


Theme your team and get bonus points!All teams with matching uniforms will get 10 bonus points for their team total.Beerlympics officials will vote on the best team uniforms and the winning team will get an automatic bid into the final 8 teams for the single elimination tournament.

Pay in advance, save money and guarantee your admission by ordering online.

Online payment is non-refundable, non transferable, and you must present your receipt and/or verify with the cashier at the door your name (State ID or DL only) and email address the night of the event. Online PRE-SALE will close the day of the event to assure enough processing time of your purchase. Order your ticket early!

You must be 21 with a valid government ID to crawl!!!

Always designate a driver so you can keep on crawling!!!